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"An Artists' Odyssey-Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The Business of Art."

Three Continents. Three Decades.

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Book Highlights:

  • 45+ Oil & Watercolor Paintings

  • 80 Full Color High Resolution Photographs

  • Comprehensive Art Business Tutorial Segment

  • Tutorial On Creating Large Painting Works

  • Story of Artist Journey Over Three Decades And Three Continents


“Alan Pierce's efforts to write down his experience will later become an important historical writing worth observing.”

Nyoman Nuarta - Creator of many large-scale sculptures both within Indonesia and internationally, including: The world’s third largest statue Garuda Wisnu kencana (GWK) located in Bali, The Indonesian Proclamation Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia, The Jalesveya Jayamahe-Monjaya Monument in Surabaya, Indonesia and many more.  He is also the 2018 recipient of the Padma Shri Award, India’s fourth highest civilian award, presented by President Ram Kovind in New Delhi.

“An Artist's Odyssey: Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The Business of Art, by Alan Pierce is a fascinating report in words and images about his journey to become a visual artist. It is a story about perseverance and an insatiable appetite for inspiration and a search in Asia, Europe, and the US for knowledge to develop and optimize its skills. In a nutshell, Alan Pierce takes the reader with him from his earliest years to the present. We see Alan grow and through the sublime photography of Scott James, we can also enjoy a selection of his oil work and watercolors. The last chapter includes many tips for the (young) artists. It is nice that he also dares to share in humility his own 'ups and downs' in the process becoming an artist. And it is very special indeed that none other than the great visual artist Nyoman Nuarta was willing to write a foreword. It says enough about the qualities of Alan Pierce and this book which is highly recommended!

Frank van Oortmerssen -- Guest curator, and former Director at The Dutch Museum of lithography, Klok & Peel and Museum t’ Oude Slot for a com- bined twenty years.

“Alan Pierce's book, An Artist’s Odyssey: Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The business of Art poignantly reflects the writer's fast moving, highly original journey.  We read how a young artist discovers and defines himself and his purpose, both in the private world of his rapid evolution and identity as an artist, and the exacting, rough and tumble arena of the art world. Alan offers invaluable insights into the importance of personal identity and character, style, flexibility, personality and determination. The chameleon world of art today offers a veritable plethora of promises and possibilities. Yet it is also a quicksand filled with decoys and apparitions. This book will serve to enlighten, inform and inspire anyone seeking to establish him/herself as an artist in the complex, intricate and continuously evolving environment that is today's art market. 
Most striking of all, Alan achieves this against the authentic backdrop of his own highly original paintings.”

Bruce Sherratt - Founder & Owner of Bali Center for Artistic Creativity

Alan is a creative juggernaut with powerful messages enshrined within his works. Aside from being a longtime collector of his works, I applaud his desire to help young artists by breaking down the business aspect of being an artist into simple and clear terms so that anyone can understand. His use of real life experiences and his own business journey make it easy for readers to visualize their own next steps and take action. I highly recommend this book for aspiring artists who are unsure of how to build their brand and are sick and tired of being broke and lost. This book is a success manual for aspiring artists looking to make meaningful income from their art. ”

Azan Tengku - CEO, Author, Blockchain Advocate and Art Collector


Book Foreword by Nyoman Nuarta

“Enjoying the work of Alan Pierce has been an adventure in of itself.  His experience of living in many countries, observing different types of arts and interacting with a multitude of cultures enrich the value of Pierce's works with more than purely aesthetic beauty.  His works are obviously a result of deep thought and contemplation.  Although the techniques he uses are quite classical, every brush stroke and figurative concept he pours into his painting style, Shape Construction, expresses the true authenticity and originality that forms his artistic character.

At a glance at Alan’s work, one would never suspect that he is still so young; this is certainly due to the quality of education underwent by the artist, who is never satisfied to learn only from teachers present, but always seeks inspiration and lessons from the great masters of the past.  Interestingly to me, Alan was never limited by the influence of great artists, which can sometimes confine a young artists’ journey of artistic exploration.  Instead, it freed him to experiment and attempt new things.

I truly appreciate Alan for recording his work and artistic journey in the form of a book, as books have always been the best media in recording research and artistic travel.  Aside from being a personal achievement for the artist, I firmly believe that books are a form of media that continuously contribute to the development of the world’s art and culture.   Alan Pierce's efforts to write down his experience will later become an important historical writing worth observing. For that, I congratulate and thank the artist, who is humbly willing to share his adventures with us all.”

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