Commissioned Work

There might be a significant wait period (6-12 months) for oil painting commissions due to limited time and extended drying periods.  Watercolor comissions typically have a wait period of 3-4 months.  All commissions are executed in the order received.  Work will be created in Bali, Indonesia with the communication and design process via digital manner or meeting the artist in Bali, if the Patron wishes.  


Commission Process: Work Creation, Payment & Delivery 

Step 1: send an email to with an idea of the

1. Subject

2. Size

3. Scope

4. Material desired

5. Relevant reference material of what the Patron envisions.  

Step 2: The Patron will receive a quote and working contract based on the above mentioned subject, size, scope and material desired

Step 3: If the arrangement is agreeable for both parties, then the client will then pay three payments as follows:

A.  A non-refundable down payment in the amount of 15%.

B. Once the pencil sketch and color sketch design is finalized and approved by the Patron, the Patron will then pay 45%.

C. Once the painting is completed the final payment of 40% will be due prior to transporting the work to the patrons desired address.

For very large scale commissions, a case by case milestone timeline will be laid out with progress payments as agreed upon by both parties. 

Step 4: 1 progress update will be given to the Patron per month, including photographs or videos of the work.   

Step 5: Once the work has been completed, it will be packaged by our professional art packing company and shipped to the destination at the cost of the client.


Large Oil Painting Commission Work Flow: 

 1. First a series of four compositional pencil sketch studies are designed on paper.  A single sketch study is selected by the patron and then it is further developed by the artist to serve as the underpinning for the final painting (usually this process will take 4-6 weeks).

2. A miniature color and tonal sketch painting is created from the selected pencil sketch.  Once the color sketch is approved by the Patron, the larger work will then begin (typically this process takes 4-6 weeks).  Any significant* changes passed this point will be assessed a charge.

3.  The high quality raw linen canvas is prepared on a wall or wooden backing with a series of layers of acrylic to strengthen and prepare the surface for underpainting.

4. The original pencil drawing is mathematically enlarged and manually transfered to the canvas.  

5. Multiple layers of underpainting begin delineating the light and dark of the painting.

6. Build a custom stretcher to support large paintings, specifically engineered to each painting size and orientation.

7. Once the custom stretcher is built, we will install the canvas over the stretcher.

8. Complete the painting process.

9. 1.5 month drying time

10. Design and build a custom painting frame for the piece.

11. Pack and ship painting to Patron.


A large scale painting will take 6-12  months to complete and fully dry depending on size and complexity.   The Patron will have physical right of ownership to their purchased art piece.  The artist will retain all Intellectual Property rights to his work.  All work created by the artist will reflect his personal style of art creation.

*"Significant" qualifies as any change by the Patron that results in  over 6 hours of work in total, by the Artist.