Alan Pierce
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The greater danger for most of us is not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too short and achieving our mark.
— Michelangelo


Every brush stroke and figurative concept he pours into his painting style, Shape Construction, expresses the true authenticity and originality that forms his artistic character.
— Nyoman Nuarta
Alan renders form in terms of rich, plump, thick, ample, flesh-like clusters mainly in oil paint on canvas. The lives of these objects; often people (or souls) start on Alan’s palate knife, then slide off into near theatrical settings and situations onto canvases permeated by colored light, such as rich shades of gold, earthy browns and oranges, fresh greens and beiges, or pale grays and profoundly vulnerable flesh tones. Here they inwardly palpitate, live, breathe and seem about to morph into altered states and conditions. 
— Bruce Sherratt
Alan Pierce utilizes a sculptural style and a palette knife to build up his paint layer by layer, complimented with the use of brush and rag.   Designing and creating harmonious blending  between two dimensional paintings techniques and textural three dimensional elements is a core element of all his oil works.  His style, called Shape Construction is built around a constant probing and searching for natural rhythms and interlocking patterns that build subconscious unity within his works.
— Callum Fraser

 About The Artist

Alan Pierce views his artworks as a vehicle and tool to communicate human truths and provoke socially relevant, ever-shifting questions.  The artists' work reflects a deep desire to explore and highlight the eternal nature of the human condition and encourage to look beyond the surface for deeper insights into self-awareness through personal symbolism, questions and messages that traverse cultural, racial, national, political boundaries.  His work is created as a catalyst to unite people through shared experience.

A firm believer in an ever dissected, ever improving status quo, he strives to shatter self-imposed limitations with each new work and challenge the boundaries of his own artistic understanding and growth.   Every piece is created to open a doorway to the viewer to question and ponder their own current life-map, thoughts and world views.    



 Artistic influences & Background

Drawing inspiration from travels spanning 35 countries, his American-Indonesian upbringing, and classical studies in Paris, France, his work reflects a deep respect for the Masters of the past and their use of dramatic chiaroscuro and decadent color, coupled with his fascination with a modern aesthetic of movement, composition, perspective and subject matter.  

He draws tremendous inspiration from the Old Masters such as, Michelangelo Buonaparte, Rhodin, Bernini, Rembrandt and Caravaggio, as well as more recent artistic luminaries including, Lucien Freud, George De la tour, Salvador Dali, Ivan Aivazovsky,  Callum Fraser and I Nyoman Nuarta to name a few.  He forges a synergy of richness found in classical technique and a modern, graphic approach, focusing on the flow of paint construction and hues of emotion.   


 Upcoming Work

His current project over the upcoming years is a large scale undertaking, highlighting unity through diversity.  For a number of years, Alan shifted his lifelong focus from anatomy and landscape study to developing his understanding  of structural engineering design and building layout composition; now he strives to translate that conceptual understanding into his own style, Shape Construction.

True mastery can only occur when the highest levels of creativity and technique equal each other, in perfect balance.
— Prihatin Wiratna


Experience & Education

Alan Pierce has been a professional artist, exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions in Paris, France, Jakarta, Indonesia and Portland, Oregon over the last 20 years and has taught art internationally as a private instructor. 

He underwent 12 years of formal art study starting at the age of 9 and was classically trained in aspects of drawing, painting and sculpture in Paris, France, Jakarta, Indonesia, Dover, New Jersey and Portland, Oregon.  Many of those 12 years were under the direct tutelage of Master Artists. He studied under Bruce Sherratt in Jakarta International School and concluded his studies in Paris, France at The Paris American Academy under Callum Fraser.   He also studied at Portland State University in their Art Program and The Jakarta Institute Of Art (IKAJ) as well as spending a portion of his studies undergoing the stringent program of The Kubert School founded by Graphic Artist legend, Joe Kubert.  He had his first International exhibition at 17 and began teaching art at the age of 18.  

He is also a General Contractor and certified Master Builder, building both in the U.S. and Indonesia.


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Work Experience

Professional Artist (1997-present)





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