From Darkness Comes Light (Not for Sale)

From Darkness Comes Light (Not for Sale)


This painting was an interesting theme to the artist as it represents a universal life struggle we all face. In the story of Adam and Eve, they eat from the Tree of Knowledge and are subsequently banned from The Garden of Eden by God. In exchange for their newfound knowledge, gained as a result of eating the apple, their world becomes much more complex as they also come to understand negative concepts such as shame and evil.  

As mankind steps forward through life making myriad mistakes along the way, often we find that our greatest mistakes gift us with the most powerful and ultimately, positive life lessons. You cannot truly recognize and appreciate the light unless you've experienced darkness, which inspired the artist to name it accordingly.

In the painting Eve is detailed rising upwards into the light with the apple from the tree of knowledge clasped in her left hand, while lucifer desperately pursues her to bring her back down into the darkness.

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